Dubai In Crisis?…

Well Dubai the land of Sheikhs and Sultans who own I think not Houses or Assets you can call them ‘Heaven’…I mean let me tell you guys ‘Mansion, Limouzines, and what not sordid the most important part ‘Huge Oil Wells’. I mean oil is like the major source of income for Dubai Market. You get superb electronics item and that too for very cheap. Still it’s in crisis… I mean Dubai is often refer to as land of gold by us (Indians)… Many Indians have come back as they have Eid Holidays in dubai so they have come down to India to meet their loved ones. But they din’t know that they are flying from Dubai for the last time…. They got a SMS from their respective companies in Dubai saying that please don’t return back you are fired and your luggage wil be returned as soon as possible….

What I don’t get is where does the money go does it soak in the sun or does it get evaporated…. Where is the money going that Dubai has entered into financial crisis stage….I wonder where is all the money going of one of the world’s biggest economy has a biggest downturn ever… Well after this I don’t know where to start working or to start something of my own…. I m in great dilemma…


Smita Thackeray now with ‘The Hand’

Well guys good news or may be bad news for Mr. Bal Thackeray. Today, itself Mrs Smita Thackeray the daughter in law of the famous ‘Thackeray’ Family decided today that she will now no longer stay with the ‘tiger’ as she is willing to join ‘Congress’… Yes that’s right and the reason for her quitting is ‘She loves Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s’ idealogy…Well i tell you in politics anything is possible…Specially Indian Politics…..

Mrs Smita Thakeray has worked alot and done superb Social Work for other people under the ‘Shiv Sena Banner’….But now that she is quitting Shiv Sena it is going to be more intresting to see Congress and Shiv Sena under one roof in Matoshri the residence or you can say the Fort of the Thackeray’s.

This Politics can turn the tables with a sudden force whenever and wherever…..The only thing is i or we want to see is after Mr. Raj Thackeray qutting and sudden resignation of Mrs Smita Thackeray from the Sena with only Mr. Uddhav Thackeray the sole leader…..Is this the END of Thackeray regime or end of Shiv Sena….. Lets wait and watch what POLITICS has in store for us?….

Rs 30 crore on Kasab!!! That’s it

Wow for Indian Goverment or the Indian Police I think 30 crore Indian rupees is not a big amount….Yes that is what they are spending currently on Mr. Kasab the guy who was responsible for 26/11 attacks last year…I know I know the other countries must be laughing on India currently that the guy who killed so many people in Taj, CST station, Cama hospital also to add to that has ruined many families. So what the Indian goveent does is they give him treatment of a V.I.P. & spend Indian Citizens money….

It would have been a very great and superb job by the Goverment of they would hav spend that 30 crores in buying some defensive machines for the Indian Defense System or should have put that money for funding the Army officer’s & the Police officers children or family’s future I mean come on they have fought for the nation by giving their precious life….Tell me Indian Goverment “recession has just gone do you think it is right to spend so much on a terrorist”….”My answer is this is what I call stupidity”….

BMC – Beware Mumbai’s Citizen

Well I think BMC has changed there name from ‘Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’ to ‘Beware Mumbai’s Citizen’. Yes this above picture will tell you what is happening near my area in Juhu. People are working at night that too using ‘Bulldozers’ which make huge noise at night because there is complete silence on the streets. Yes from past 3 days I am trying to sleep as I work till late night but this work and the noise just makes me feel that “come on man you can’t sleep now it’s our time to work….”

Well I can’t blame the workers or the company they must have got the official letter from BMC giving them permission to work late night but I think with the knowledge I have that BMC is an corporation so that it works for the welfare of the people and not for the welfare of it’s own or various other companies. So if any BMC employee or the management is Reading this blog “I request you to please look into this matter because we all know what happens when you call them on their helpline.”

Marathi v/s Maharashtrian

Well these days i go to college and people are just talking about the latest controversy between i don’t want to name the people or the political party and Mr. Sachin Tendulkar…..Well according to me there is a clear diffrence between ‘A Marathi’ and ‘A Maharashtrian’…These two words might be very similar people might wonder what’s the diffrence well i will tell you what’s the diffrence in two words……’Marathi or Asal Maratha’ – Mr. Sachin Tendulkar and ‘Maharashtrian’ -‘The Political Groups or Political Leaders’……

Fighting for State Votes is a Maharashtrian and a Person fighting for one’s own religion is a Marathi…I respect all the Political Leaders but i am sorry i do not respect their idealogies….I can proudly say i m MARATHI but i cannot proudly say that i am a ‘MAHARASHTRIAN’…..Please stop this nonsense or stupidity and please lets look forward to make a ‘DEVELOPED NATION’ rather than ‘DEVELOPED STATE’ altogether……

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