2012 – The Movie

I watched this movie 2012 in Broadway today in mumbai borivali (e)…One heck of a experience i had…i m not talking about the theatre i m talking about the crowd which is very pathetic… You can say Chandan Cinema or for that matter Navrang which is located in the suburbs is way much better in terms of ‘the crowd’….

Well lets get back to the topic the movie ‘2012’ made me miss bollyowood alot…it was like i was watching a hollywood movie with an indian director in it…..the movie’s sfx has to complimented alot…it was not fake at all…But the movie over all from my personal view should be seen only for its ‘VFX’ and not for the story…i m not going to disclose the story because tommorow the makers of 2012 can sue me…go and watch it personal experience opinion is a ‘one time watch movie’.


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  1. sensit said,

    December 28, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    You may find a detailed analysis of 2012 movie at


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