iphone 3g India, Mumbai

Apple or Mac we still dont know what….i mean talking about some of the people don’t know exactly what to call it…..But i know for sure that’s it apple iphone….Well forget that….Guys this for all those people who use iphone 3g….if you are a miser like me and own an iphone 3g or 3gs like me…..Guys ‘Aircel’ has something in store for you….i know most of the people who own an iphone won’t care about the tariff rate of their ‘GPRS’ but guys if you are bored or lets say fed up with the additional bill of your service provider GPRS….it’s time for you to switch on to Aircel….Aircel the best part is there is completely no charge on downloading or surfing…..You just have to pay Rs98 per month get an Aircel Pocket Internet Card from your nearest vendor and your iphone will have a new life….you will be hooked on to it like 24/7….the calling rates is what worries people alot but they have come up with pay per second plan which works fine for me atleast…..also diffrent additional packages like free 400 messages per month free and all is more than enough….

With this i hope when will vodafone or anyother service providers can get or give us something like that…..i don’t work for ‘Aircel’. It is just coming out of my personal experience…..


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