Entertainment for youth!!!

Well as my friend says that these days the youthno longer watch television except roadies 7….that too i think its becoming very bring…last time i saw i mean the first audition was very very boring except Mr. Cyrus Broacha… That guy is just too good….Also the new medium for the youth mostly is goin on to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter….That day someone had asked me do you have an Orkut account i said Who? What?…. Well yes the youth has forgotten the Orkut they have erased that word permenantly from their minds….I think in a day i think each of Mumbai’s youth logs on to Facebook once atleast….. Another mode of watching T.V. is now the You Tube….People are just going mad after this particular website….You Tube has taken over a tremendous market share in entertainment business as my friend says…. Well i don’t personally go and check the statistics but if u ask anyone even a child of the age 11-12 will know what You Tube is….Well i think these two Facebook, Twitter, Youtube has become the main source of entertainment now for the youth…. Also on T.V all the reality shows for eg : BIG BOSS….this show is really rocking and has got the highest entertainment valur for all ages….Dude KAMAAL is back……


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