What’s wrong with BMC?

This pic tells the story of irritating BMC… This road was developed just a few months back I think 2 months back….now again they have started digging up the road which is causing huge traffic because as it is this road is the main road for Utpal Sanghvi School, Crepestation, Naturals, Lotus Eye Hospital, Arogya Nidhi… What’s the point of BMC just digging and digging up roads when they can’t finish up the whole work in one go…I m telling you guys I pass this road almost everyday & everyday I just find is rickshaws, car honking…they don’t understand there is a hospital next to it….

Goverment, BMC whom do I complain I don’t know but I just know one thing that is requesting you guys to please finish off the work as soon as possible…


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