One afternoon at JAVA GRIND !!!

Hello i m telling this story of what happened today….. We had an off from college today and i was getting really bored sitting at home and doing nothing….Playing on laptop is not good for your eyes thats what my nani always says….. I tend to disagree with her sometime but what to do i don’t have any other choice except agree to what she is saying after all she is the decision maker…..Well lets get back to the topic me and my friends had gone to this place that’s located in Goregaon (East) near Film City in Royal Challenge….The name of the place is Java Grind….No offence to anyone i m telling you this place is a mixture of Cafe Coffe Day and Barista….It’s got the menu of CCD and the ambience of Barista….I ordered for a chocolate truffle as i love pasteries but what i ate was not at all close to Chocolate Truffle it was Sugar melted to chocolate it was so sweet so sweet that i think a diabetes patient would have died instantly….i Personally hate too much of sweets….I thought something is wrong with my tounge that i always get the whole sweet taste or my tounge is tasting very sweet thing for the first time so may bei m disliking it…I told my friend to taste it she said you know what himanshu THE CAKE SUCKS…..It was very sweet and the taste was pathetic…..I just ordered for that and 2-3 weeks back i had gone to the same place with my other friend and he tasted BLACK FOREST and started abusing the cake…..I don’t want to do any negative publicity of anyone but i wanted to share my experience with everyone….So the next time you enter JAVA GRIND just be carefull…

My friend told me that Java is suppose to be the place where you get the best coffees the finest coffees….Well after going here and after what experience i got…..Well forget it……


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