Chicken worth Rs 6000

Have you ever heard or have you ever eaten a Butter Chicken worth Rs 6000…..well what I have heard is in ‘Taj Presidency’ where the 26/11 attack took place last year they serve butter chicken worth ‘Rs 6000’….and the best part is people still order it…..hahaha….no I know that people who could afford it like top Professionals, Personalities, etc etc….can say “Rs 6000 Butter Chicken ya so what’s the big deal”…well I say that “Sir/Madam there is no big deal as you earn that much but is it worth Rs 6000″…well people who had an experience eating that butter chicken said “it’s worth every Penny”….well I or most middle class or for that matter any Rational Human – Being would say ” Rs 6000 Butter Chicken then how much is the glass of water for”…

I mean come on guys think for yourself why would anyone eat such an expensive food item eitheir want to sh or….ya I think that’s the only 1 thing I can think of right now….Well we can’t blame the Hotel also they have to price their food items according to their hotel image…Well in the end I would say “In other hotels they serve chicken pieces with Butter Chicken but what pieces do they serve in Taj hmmm let’s say gold Chicken pieces with moulded silver gravy for rs 6000 or it is just the same Chicken what you get outside…..”


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