Marathi v/s Maharashtrian

Well these days i go to college and people are just talking about the latest controversy between i don’t want to name the people or the political party and Mr. Sachin Tendulkar…..Well according to me there is a clear diffrence between ‘A Marathi’ and ‘A Maharashtrian’…These two words might be very similar people might wonder what’s the diffrence well i will tell you what’s the diffrence in two words……’Marathi or Asal Maratha’ – Mr. Sachin Tendulkar and ‘Maharashtrian’ -‘The Political Groups or Political Leaders’……

Fighting for State Votes is a Maharashtrian and a Person fighting for one’s own religion is a Marathi…I respect all the Political Leaders but i am sorry i do not respect their idealogies….I can proudly say i m MARATHI but i cannot proudly say that i am a ‘MAHARASHTRIAN’…..Please stop this nonsense or stupidity and please lets look forward to make a ‘DEVELOPED NATION’ rather than ‘DEVELOPED STATE’ altogether……


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