Rs 30 crore on Kasab!!! That’s it

Wow for Indian Goverment or the Indian Police I think 30 crore Indian rupees is not a big amount….Yes that is what they are spending currently on Mr. Kasab the guy who was responsible for 26/11 attacks last year…I know I know the other countries must be laughing on India currently that the guy who killed so many people in Taj, CST station, Cama hospital also to add to that has ruined many families. So what the Indian goveent does is they give him treatment of a V.I.P. & spend Indian Citizens money….

It would have been a very great and superb job by the Goverment of they would hav spend that 30 crores in buying some defensive machines for the Indian Defense System or should have put that money for funding the Army officer’s & the Police officers children or family’s future I mean come on they have fought for the nation by giving their precious life….Tell me Indian Goverment “recession has just gone do you think it is right to spend so much on a terrorist”….”My answer is this is what I call stupidity”….


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