Smita Thackeray now with ‘The Hand’

Well guys good news or may be bad news for Mr. Bal Thackeray. Today, itself Mrs Smita Thackeray the daughter in law of the famous ‘Thackeray’ Family decided today that she will now no longer stay with the ‘tiger’ as she is willing to join ‘Congress’… Yes that’s right and the reason for her quitting is ‘She loves Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s’ idealogy…Well i tell you in politics anything is possible…Specially Indian Politics…..

Mrs Smita Thakeray has worked alot and done superb Social Work for other people under the ‘Shiv Sena Banner’….But now that she is quitting Shiv Sena it is going to be more intresting to see Congress and Shiv Sena under one roof in Matoshri the residence or you can say the Fort of the Thackeray’s.

This Politics can turn the tables with a sudden force whenever and wherever…..The only thing is i or we want to see is after Mr. Raj Thackeray qutting and sudden resignation of Mrs Smita Thackeray from the Sena with only Mr. Uddhav Thackeray the sole leader…..Is this the END of Thackeray regime or end of Shiv Sena….. Lets wait and watch what POLITICS has in store for us?….


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