Dubai In Crisis?…

Well Dubai the land of Sheikhs and Sultans who own I think not Houses or Assets you can call them ‘Heaven’…I mean let me tell you guys ‘Mansion, Limouzines, and what not sordid the most important part ‘Huge Oil Wells’. I mean oil is like the major source of income for Dubai Market. You get superb electronics item and that too for very cheap. Still it’s in crisis… I mean Dubai is often refer to as land of gold by us (Indians)… Many Indians have come back as they have Eid Holidays in dubai so they have come down to India to meet their loved ones. But they din’t know that they are flying from Dubai for the last time…. They got a SMS from their respective companies in Dubai saying that please don’t return back you are fired and your luggage wil be returned as soon as possible….

What I don’t get is where does the money go does it soak in the sun or does it get evaporated…. Where is the money going that Dubai has entered into financial crisis stage….I wonder where is all the money going of one of the world’s biggest economy has a biggest downturn ever… Well after this I don’t know where to start working or to start something of my own…. I m in great dilemma…


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