Batman Arkham Asylum…

My friend got a new game on PC  called Batman Arkham Asylum…. I am a big Batman fan so out of curiosity i told him that i want to stay at your place just to see Batman and how the game was?…. Is it like The Movie Dark Knight or much better than that…. I know nothing about the PC games i don’t play much of action games like my friend does… He read the review on some site about this Game and Bought the DVD…. As soon as he started playing i m telling you guys my eyes were just Open till the time he din’t Switch off  his computer…. I was shocked the Game Play the action games and the story is just ‘WOW’…  As i don’t play much of Action Games after seeing this game i felt like playing on my laptop too…. The graphics, The Character Definition and the Moves were like amazing… It is the best game of 2009 till now according to me….. They have done justice to Batman bby making a beautiful game like Batman Arkham Asylum…. I think its a 16 hours long game but if you start this game i bet you won’t switch off your computer till the time the electricity goes…. Even if someone tells you or tries to move you out of the Computer screen you will Kill Him/Her but will surely get addicted to the Game….. Must Buy for All Batman Lovers Like ME!!! Download it, Buy it, Steal it….. The game is Worth every Bit of it……


AS Above Superb…

AS i am talking about is the new A/C bus which has been started in mumbai…. The new A/C Bus started by B.E.S.T. is the new hype amongst the youth of mumbai… The best part about this bus is comfort guaranteed…. No tension No Pushing and Pulling people like how People of Mumbai do in the local trains and Normal B.E.S.T. buses… The fair is also cheaper i travelled from Dahisar To Andheri That’s like 12-15kms they charged me 35 I.N.R. …. Which is like cheap for any earning individual…. Yes it takes time because of traffic but if you have time and want comfort this is the best travelling option available to you in Mumbai…. And after every 20 mins there is a bus…. Thumbs Up to B.E.S.T. we don’t have to wait for hours not and nice that we are getting superb facilities of travelling in Mumbai…

Naxals or Terrorists

Naxals or Terrorist Of India or Indian Born Origin terrorist they can be termed as. Started as a peasant movement in the year 1967 in the village of NaxalBari in West Bengal.  A peasant’s land was been held by a landlord in Naxalbari Village in West Bengal by the landlord and the peasant in reataliation started a revolutionary movement by suppressing the landlord. Chandu Muzumdar a strong follower of Mao Yedoung ideologies started a movement and started the ferocious killing is the year 1967. And from the year 1967 a new terrorist camp was found in India which is now referred to as Naxalites. What happened here is that the during this struggle many tribals and police men were killed which were innocent?.  The Naxals main idealogy is to wipe off Class System from the society and bring about equality in relation to income and status, power in the Indian Society.

The idealogy is good the thought process behind the idealogy is good but the ways or the means through which Naxals are trying to reach the objective is very very cruel… Naxals from the year 1967 till date have brought about many changes in their ideology in their cruelty…. Their Main objective is to target the Higher Class so that they bring about equality but due to the security support from various security forces they find it difficult to target the high Class group so instead they target the middle income group. Their idealogy was to bring about a uniform class status amongst the people so how’s targeting the innocent middle income group people going to achieve their objectives… Also burning down of schools and buses, derailing of train, burning down of police stations for Arms and Ammunations is not how they will achieve their goals. They are just planning to open a parallel government by doing this so that they get the power. So what is their main ideology is to bring about Uniformity in the Social Class Distinction or Give the lower middle class their Rights or just to show the world that they are the one who can give ‘The Poor Class Their Rights’ by killing imperialism and following Communism…. The Naxals Ideology is vague to understand killing of teachers, Innocent Students not giving the Naxal Ruled region villagers proper amenities is not what is the government has done in the recent times… They have made measures to let the villagers of certain parts of Chattisgarh, Bihar, West Bengal and also various Naxal affected areas by giving them proper house amenties also providing them with security by allowing them to make the SPF (Special Police Force) which consist of these villagers who are under control of the Government.

Naxal has had a very bad influence as they have made it easy for people to realise and to think that if justice is not done or to be said that fighting for justice is waste of time and the better answer to this is Violence. They have spread this message almost to 1/3rd part of India. Many of these Naxals members consist of people who are brainwashed by these Naxal Leaders also they could not achieve anything so they joined the Naxal Reform. This is what happens in terrorist groups too so why not name this Naxals as Terrorists of India.

Not open to discussion hiding their face and giving interview and always talking about their ideology is what the terrorist do. Everytime they talk about points which they always negate by their actions For Eg :- In one of the interview a Naxal Leader of Bihar said that they do not force their Ideolgy on anyone and if people do not follow their ideaology they are free to have their own But Recent Killings of teachers, Students, Villagers show that they were against the Naxal Ideaology and so they were killed. They have adapted to a very terroristic attitude rather than Fighting For their Rights. The Naxal leaders have also started taking tax from the villages which they have their rule on and why is that to make themselves rich and make the poorer more poorer?….

About many interviews of the Naxal Army many people agree to the fact that whatever they are doing is not right and are adopting the wrong means and also are thinking about quitting the Naxalite Movement. Government is trying hard from tis side to solve the problem by talking out with the Naxal leaders who are strongly opposing to this.

The Naxalites around India are not understanding this that the atrocious activities which they are adopting is not going to take India at a Developed Level as this will take India to a much Degrading Level. India is known or is to be claimed as one of the most Democratic Country in the World. By Naxalite Movement I think this claim is what contradicts itself?… Growing of India is not what they want as their main focus is growing of Naxalites and bringing an end to an Democratic Regime and starting With A COMMUNIST Regime.

Rank 1 or Rank None?

I was just browsing through various websites because basically I had nothing to do was jobless…. So I stopped at a website and that the name of the website was and there the world rankings was listed…. All the teams were listed according to their points which they earned playing & winning matches…. Brazil, Italy, France, etc etc…. All big teams…. But I was still not getting the team I was searching for I clicked on next page couldn’t find it clicked clicked I think on 50th page I could see the team listed and the team I was searching for was INDIA…. It is ranked 134th imagine…. They started the year with 144th rank and the end of the year they have achieved 134th rank….

Well i don’t blame the AIFF it is the infrastructure that is provided to them is very poor…. I mean with better facilities and infrastructure who knows we can produce some of the most finest footballers the world has ever seen…. They might get qualified for the world cup too….. I think we have the talent it’s just that we don’t know where and how to display it more effectively…. So Mr. Prime Minister or anyone who is incharge please do something for AIFF….. Otherwise we will always be on the 20th page of FIFA World Ranking……

GPRS v/s Services of Service Provider

I have Vodafone as my service provider but I use Aircel when I am home want to download some new applications for the iPhone….. Obvioulsy I or any rational human will choose Aircel GPRS rather than Vodafone GPRS the reason behind it Vodafone charges me 5p per 10kb of download surfing & on top of that Rs.99 per month…. Sheesh….that’s like way expensive but on the other hand Aircel another service provider gives me free download, free browsing and also it only charges me Rs 98 per month……

I know you guys after reading this will be shutting off the computer screens and rushing towards the nearest Airecl outlet to buy the card But hey listen there is lot more to come….. With this Wonderful GPRS service you get the following Tariffs :-

1) 1 Rupee per SMS

2) 50p per call

3) The, most important point the helpline of Aircel 121 is so superb that you have to wait for half an hour for the customer support executive to come and answer… Yes i m not boasting seriously i have switched on my call duration before calling Aircel helpline and the duration after which they picked up was round about 30 mins…. Could you imagine i had a shower and i came out still what was ringing was the Aircel Tune….. And it is very annoying after sometime….

4) When you send messages it doesn’t reach them sometimes and even if it does it reaches after an hour or even after a day…..

6) If someone is sending you a message i m sure you won’t receive it… Although this happens with me and also is found in most of the cases and not all….

7) When you are outside your house traveling the network or the GPRS works as if we are the inventors of Internet and working on 2kbps for testing the effectiveness of The Internet I am talking about that B.C.

Well i am not Biased towards any service provider or anything it is just that they promise their consumer services which they can’t even fulfill properly…. And this is what has happened to me i am sharing my experience with you…. Well the whole idea of me writing this blog was someday some person from Aircel “MIGHT” read this and do something about it… Because i waited for half an hour on their helpline and made a complaint but it dint help for me…..

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