The story of The Bank of Maharashtra Lokhandwala Branch

Well to start friends we used to stay in ‘Lokhandwala’ first and my dad had opened an account some 15 years back in ‘Bank of Maharashtra.’… Like all middle class family or let’s say typical middle class family he was in the typical mindset to put his hard owned money in a bank which is goverment centralised…. Well my dad deposited & withdrew money from that bank from past 10 years after that he shifted to Goa so naturally he stopped banking from Bank of Maharashtra….

Recently he had deposited some money in bank of Maharashtra when he again shifted here back to Mumbai…… But now he was not staying in lokhandwala he was staying in ‘Virar’…. The distance from ‘virar” to ‘Lokhandwala’ is round about 1.30 hours from train which is the fastest means of transport in Mumbai….. So recently my dad had signed some cheques to withdrew from the bank…. I in a good mood had gone to the bank deposited the cheque but one women who was the cashier in the bank said that the sign had differed from the sign my dad had signed on the signatory form some 15 years back… I said very politetly mam my dad is diabetic so his hand shivers so can’t sign the same way as he signed 15 years back… She insisted that the sign was diffrent and I had to get my dad fm Virar I said fine as it was the bank rule…. But at that time one employee Mr Kulkarni whose suggestion was to be taken by the cashier as she did… That guy spoke to me rudely and thought that we were working for him & not him…. He said not to give me the money because the signs differs….that is fine but the way he spoke to me was very insulting, irritating.

I thought of teaching that guy a lesson'( Mr. Kulkarni)’… I took my dad who is a diabetes patient travelled all the way from Virar to lokhandwala the next day and showed the cashier and Mr Kulkarni my dad with his orignal ID proof and told the cashier and indirectly told Mr Kulkarni that we are not your servants and next time please talk to your customers with some respect…. Mr Kulkarni then spoke to me Politetly telling my dad to put my name with him but I refused instantly by telling him I don’t want to be a part of Bank of Maharashtra…

So, Maharashtra Bank you have lost your old account holder as I don’t want my dad to have an account where we or he is not treated properly…. And it was good to have an account in your bank…. And if you want your bank’s image to be good and stable please just look into Mr Kulkarni from ‘Lokhandwala Branch’ matter because that guy can’t talk to his customers properly. And in today’s world there are so many banks and account can be opened so clearly why the hell should we keep our hard own money on your bank if you have employees like ‘Mr. Kulkarni’…..


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