‘Paa’ not ‘Paa’rfect

Well i had gone with my friends to cinemax theatre in goregaon…. To see the much awaited movie ‘Paa’….Starring ‘Mr. Amitabh Bachan’ himself as’ Auro’ and ‘Mr. Abhishek Bachan’ and ‘Ms. Vidya Balan’….. Well i wont reveal the story because obviously people have spent their money hardwork everything alot on the movie and also they want to recover their cost….. Well to tell you about the movie according to me was the acting of ‘THE BACHANS’ it was just superb also Vidya Balan played a superb role of a mother…. To tell you the story i think you guys must have atleast got the jist reading the newspapers like ‘Mumbai Mirror’ and ‘Times of India’….

About the story i am not happy with the way the script was written i think the movie had too much in it they should have just focussed on one thing that is the disease but instead they had too much of what they call ‘Khichdi’… Yes i mean the way it was hyped the much awaited movie of the year i don’t think so it should have been hyped that much it is a nice movie interms of acting it is just brilliant but if you go to see the script i think it failed….. They should have done something more creative with the script…

In the end ‘Mr. Balki’ good work in term of making your actors act but should have atleast read the script first or proof read it before directing it…..


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  1. December 5, 2009 at 5:39 pm

    […] posted here: ‘Paa’ not ‘Paa’rfect Tags: allah, case, depression, disease, focussed-on-one, movie-had, not-happy, script, sent-down, […]

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