Institutional Festivals Or Advertiser’s Festival!!!

I was just passing by ‘SVKM’s Mitibai College in Vile Parle (w) Mumbai going in the rick towards my house when suddenly i see huge printed flexes almost 50*25(50 by 20) square foot long hanging on the temple of education what we call in India that is the educational institute…. The whole idea of me writing the blog is that the institutional festivals are been held to strenghten the bonding of various institutes around the world or a particular location, etc etc…. Also to enjoy the festival spirit the festival buzz everything on an intra collegiate level…. I am saying this through my own experience… Yes to organize a festival is not bad but only if the intentions are clear from the institute’s side and the sponsorer’s side…. But what i see from the flexes that were hanging on was that the intention is now only to make the institution and the festivals realted to those festivals commercialized to a greater extent…. Th competition nad the aggresiveness of the advertiser can be seen clearly….. The font of the festival name and the institution name is ‘Small’ but the advertiser’s name is in big bold font which is visible from any angle, distance….

Many people would now say that ‘dude they are paying us, WTF!!!… I just want to tell them ‘dude i understand to to run anything yo need money or hard cash but only if you are benefitting from it”…… The thing what you are giving them is a large publicity which is needed for any advertiser at a cheaper rate i mean guys for the same publicity that guy is spending crores of INR….. So i would in the end just would add to people who organize festivals…. please do not get exploited by these advertiser’s and start hunting for your benefit at every possible level…..


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  1. HooroCreaph said,

    January 4, 2010 at 1:53 am

    Awesome issue, did not thought reading this was going to be so awesome when I klicked at the url.

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