Bajaj now no more ‘Hamara Bajaj’

Well this is for all my fellow ‘Indians’ out there Yesteryears ‘Market Leader of Scooters’ ‘BAJAJ’ has stopped making or to say manufacturing scooters for India…

Bajaj was once the only scooter manufacturer whose scooters were sold almost ‘1 lakh per month’…. To own a Bajaj scooter was a status symbol, people used to give Bajaj scooters as dowry in marriages…. Once ‘The Dominant Market Holder of Scooters’ in the 90’s has failed to do so lately as they could not bring about any change in their scooters like ‘Chetak, Vespa’.

According to Bajaj they want to concentrate on motorcycle manufacturing as they are doing pretty well there…. What suprises me is why did they have to shut the manufacturing. Of scooters now…. Is it because the change in consumer taste or recession scare…..

P.S. – Bajaj is referred to as ‘Autorickshaw’ in Indeonasia.


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