Yes PrimeMinister!!!

Have you ever noticed whenever nations meet it is always their president who is the representative of their country I mean i am not talking in reference to all nations but yes most of them…. President is the highest individual or post of any country…. For eg:- For USA it’s ‘Mr Barack Obama’…. But in India I think it’s not the same case…. Yes have you ever heard ‘Mrs Pratibhatai Patil’ ever go for some Summit or any Nations meet the answer is NO…. I hope you guys must not be knowing this personality…. You guys must be wondering what am I talking about? Who’s she?… Well let me tell you guys out there she is the president of India she is the first ever female president of India…. Are you shocked and want to know then who is ‘Mr Manmohan Singh’ well he is the ‘Prime Minister’ of ‘India.’…

I know it suprises me too that if india has a president then why is the ‘Prime Minister’ taking all the responsibilities of the country…. What I know is that India is a democratic country and it is the Prime Minister who is responsible…. But my question is then why do you have a president who is like a nominal head for a democratic country like India…. Are you just adding to the Constituency just for the sake why don’t you do this instead give the President’s minimal power to the Prime Minister instead that sounds logical … I have seen,read that the representative of a particular country is always the president…. I analyzed it strongly and I had to write a blog on this…. ‘Indian Goverment’ I know you must be thinking that this is not even an issue what I mean to tell you is please try to keep the president the highest post of the country like India also ‘ACTIVE’……


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