GPRS v/s Services of Service Provider

I have Vodafone as my service provider but I use Aircel when I am home want to download some new applications for the iPhone….. Obvioulsy I or any rational human will choose Aircel GPRS rather than Vodafone GPRS the reason behind it Vodafone charges me 5p per 10kb of download surfing & on top of that Rs.99 per month…. Sheesh….that’s like way expensive but on the other hand Aircel another service provider gives me free download, free browsing and also it only charges me Rs 98 per month……

I know you guys after reading this will be shutting off the computer screens and rushing towards the nearest Airecl outlet to buy the card But hey listen there is lot more to come….. With this Wonderful GPRS service you get the following Tariffs :-

1) 1 Rupee per SMS

2) 50p per call

3) The, most important point the helpline of Aircel 121 is so superb that you have to wait for half an hour for the customer support executive to come and answer… Yes i m not boasting seriously i have switched on my call duration before calling Aircel helpline and the duration after which they picked up was round about 30 mins…. Could you imagine i had a shower and i came out still what was ringing was the Aircel Tune….. And it is very annoying after sometime….

4) When you send messages it doesn’t reach them sometimes and even if it does it reaches after an hour or even after a day…..

6) If someone is sending you a message i m sure you won’t receive it… Although this happens with me and also is found in most of the cases and not all….

7) When you are outside your house traveling the network or the GPRS works as if we are the inventors of Internet and working on 2kbps for testing the effectiveness of The Internet I am talking about that B.C.

Well i am not Biased towards any service provider or anything it is just that they promise their consumer services which they can’t even fulfill properly…. And this is what has happened to me i am sharing my experience with you…. Well the whole idea of me writing this blog was someday some person from Aircel “MIGHT” read this and do something about it… Because i waited for half an hour on their helpline and made a complaint but it dint help for me…..


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