Rank 1 or Rank None?

I was just browsing through various websites because basically I had nothing to do was jobless…. So I stopped at a website and that the name of the website was http://www.FIFA.com and there the world rankings was listed…. All the teams were listed according to their points which they earned playing & winning matches…. Brazil, Italy, France, etc etc…. All big teams…. But I was still not getting the team I was searching for I clicked on next page couldn’t find it clicked clicked I think on 50th page I could see the team listed and the team I was searching for was INDIA…. It is ranked 134th imagine…. They started the year with 144th rank and the end of the year they have achieved 134th rank….

Well i don’t blame the AIFF it is the infrastructure that is provided to them is very poor…. I mean with better facilities and infrastructure who knows we can produce some of the most finest footballers the world has ever seen…. They might get qualified for the world cup too….. I think we have the talent it’s just that we don’t know where and how to display it more effectively…. So Mr. Prime Minister or anyone who is incharge please do something for AIFF….. Otherwise we will always be on the 20th page of FIFA World Ranking……


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