Batman Arkham Asylum…

My friend got a new game on PC  called Batman Arkham Asylum…. I am a big Batman fan so out of curiosity i told him that i want to stay at your place just to see Batman and how the game was?…. Is it like The Movie Dark Knight or much better than that…. I know nothing about the PC games i don’t play much of action games like my friend does… He read the review on some site about this Game and Bought the DVD…. As soon as he started playing i m telling you guys my eyes were just Open till the time he din’t Switch off  his computer…. I was shocked the Game Play the action games and the story is just ‘WOW’…  As i don’t play much of Action Games after seeing this game i felt like playing on my laptop too…. The graphics, The Character Definition and the Moves were like amazing… It is the best game of 2009 till now according to me….. They have done justice to Batman bby making a beautiful game like Batman Arkham Asylum…. I think its a 16 hours long game but if you start this game i bet you won’t switch off your computer till the time the electricity goes…. Even if someone tells you or tries to move you out of the Computer screen you will Kill Him/Her but will surely get addicted to the Game….. Must Buy for All Batman Lovers Like ME!!! Download it, Buy it, Steal it….. The game is Worth every Bit of it……


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