No Launchpad for iPad….

Well everyone i mean the apple users are talking about the new tablet PC steve jobs just launched was the new iPad. Well i just saw it on YouTube the whole ceremony of the curtain raiser of the iPad it was good but the first thing what came into my mind after seeing the iPad was is this a extended version of an iPhone or an iTouch. Yes i think the features what steve jobs stated in the iPad is nothing new to that of an iPhone and a iPod. Just few add ons here and there. Well i think it’s not. Well can’t say anything about iPad right now let it come in the market and then may be we can analyse further but as per now for me no launchpad for the iPad for me at least.


Just Biryani

We had gone to just biryani the other day with my friend as his birthday was there and so we insisted in giving him a treat like all friends do… So we went to andheri west near mega mall…. And hunting for some nice restaurant to fill our stomach… We were damn hungry and we saw this sign board outside one hotel named ‘Just Biryani’…. We were all non veg so we said letz try this new place as none of us entered Just Biryani before. We sat ordered Hyderabadi Dum Biryani and Lucknowi Biryani and my mouth is still watering when I am typing all this those biryani was just awesome biryani I have ever had. Superb biryani good ambience and nice service. Combination off all this was just superb my friends birthday went superb because we ate some nice food. We were so full after that that we walked from Mega Mall to Infiniti Mall which is like 2000m I guess approximately. So guys if next time want to eat nice biryani go to just biryani and try the food over there you will love it. Also even if the name is Just Biryani there are only 9 dishes of non veg(5) and veg(4) combine biryani rest all you get north Indian food… So I found that wierd…

Paki’s its IPL not PPL

This is what was the answer to all the Pakistani players yesterday at the Auction of IPL ( Indian Premiere League)…. Players like Shahid Afridi and other well known Pakistani players were not been auctioned at the IPL Auction Ceremony…. The main reason was the security of all IPL Franchisee…. Which is a fact because these Paki’s come along terror in this country…… Obviously the IPL franchisee will look after their and their team’s security before signing any new player…… And you can’t blame the Franchisee for this it is Pakistan environment and attitude towards India and their extra curricular activities like 26/11 through which they have to pay…. The Government of India says that they are not responsible for any of the above happening and also they have not influenced…… But i want to tell the goverment that i think people of  India have stopped all ‘Aman Ki Asha’ and all and now they have realized what language to speak…. Which is again Valid….. I think the government of  India should now understand this language and should take strong action against ‘KASAB’….. Goverment please see what places like UAE do to people who Rape, Steal, etc etc what Kasab has done to us is much much much bigger than all this….. See what kind of punishment they give and see what you OFFER……

Education to give or to Mint

Me and my friend went to a professor just to clear our doubts about stuff I mean also we had some work about out own which was outside his subject… I have seen many teachers in my life who say that come to me if amy doubts but when you try to ask them question outside their subject they fail to answer you or they mislead the question’s answer…. For tutions if you go and ask any teacher who is the best person to teach they will always say come to me I will teach your kid and will also give him extra marks, attendence…. I myself have been in such situations but after all this I feel een after doing so much I couldn’t gain education…. Teachers are the one who are minting money by making students find an easier way out…. You find very rare teachers who will actually guide you and make you learn what is right and will guide you step by step…. One of them whom I found in my college is Mr Hemant Kombrabail a superb guy a superb professional and a superb teacher…. I myself have solid respect for you sir… This guy is one of a kind and trust me I have never ever seen a professor like Mr Hemant Kombrabail it is because of him that we know brand building and direct marketing… I have still not thrown his brand building notes and I am going to refer his notes because I know I would be able to learn and educate people rather than minting education…. Also Ms Yamini Mathur from Sydnem College,Pune these are what I call teachers…. I can go on the whole point is this to all the teachers concentrate more on educating students and making them learn and not concentrating on minting money and spoiling the child’s career…..

Places to visit in GOA!!!

Goa i know many of you might think of Goa as a place where you get Cheap Booze and trust me guys cheap means cheap no exaggeration in that…. But guys let me tell you of some awesome places to visit in Goa so that the next time you go you may atleast have some background work of places to visit in Goa… Here i am talking about the youth…..

1) Britto’s – Baga Beach

2) Zanzi Bar – Baga Beach

3) Curley’s – Anjuna Beach

4) Shiva Valley – Anjuna Beach

5) Flea Market – Anjuna Beach

6) Querim Beach

7) Butterfly and Honeymoon Beach – Palolem

8) Fort Aguada and Lighthouse – Calanguate

9) Mapusa Market on Friday

10) Nine Bar – Anjuna Beach

These are some of the awesome places you can go to Goa… And yes i forgot also the Wine Stores of Goa. After all that’s the best and the first place to visit in Goa.

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