For Wifi I give the Makers Hifi…..

I got a new Belkin Router just a few days back and din’t know how to configure it but thanks to my friends after hell lot of abuses and discouragement i managed to setup the router all by myself and i m happy i feel proud…. Well jokes apart i m happy and besides that i m more glad i don’t have to hear to my Grandmother’s shouting now as the wires are here and there because according to her they are snakes which lie on each other in a wierd manner and are of no use at all… Well if i go to tell her what internet is i think will have to spend more than 48 hours just explaining her… But with this new WiFi technology it is just superb to know that now you can even sit in the bathroom and surf the net… I have an iPhone and so i have multiple uses of a WiFi….. Giving my personal opinion and with my personal experience WiFi is a must at every house where individuals or family is Internet Freak and loves to stay online 24/7….. Like me….. So whoever the makers of WiFi are HiFi from my side to you…. You guys Rock made internet more simplified…. Guys Buy WiFi it is helpful and uselful….


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