Google Phone Nexus going to beat iPhone.

Well i read today’s paper went to sci-fi tech page and what i see is a huge google article on its new nexus  phone which has more features as compared to any other phone… And it’s going to give a tough competition to iPhone…. Well being an iPhone user i can say google how much ever you try to throw iPhone out of the globla market you guys can’t because an iPhone is an iPhone…. Nexus will have features like i think Google Docs, Wave, Mail….everything what is realted to google… That’s obvious so what are you trying to say do you have more features with all the above features or all these features are excluded and you have more features….. There is a diffrence are you marketing the phone or you are marketing what google offers everyone even if he/she is not an Nexus user….. Google you guys rock in Web World but think about the cell phone world i think you guys should stick to that and not the phone idea…. You guys are better with having collabrations with other cell phone companies rather than giving them Competition….


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  1. January 7, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    Really you think so? I dont know about this, but we will just have to let it playout so we can see

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