Amway I am your Way!!!

I came across this company Amway from one of my friend recommending their products… First i was cynical about the whole changing the company i mean obviously dude if he is telling me to change the deo from Axe to Amway obviously i or any other guy is going to say no…. But his deo had much more fragnance than mine….. So it tempted me also to know what deo is he using… So with fighting with him i just smartly asked him how’s your deo better than mine what diffrence is there between your deo and Axe… I mean how are you even comparing both the companies i have not even seen any Amway advertisements on T.V and Axe is like huge i mean their advetisements are always superb atleast for the guys….Hahahahaha… Well jokes apart after much of arguement he gave me his Deo i took it…. It was an Amway Deo i used it for like two or three days i travelled not too much but yes alot….  And i was shocked with the whole effect it actually stayed longer than Axe… i was so impressed that i went to the nearest Retailer store they said they don’t keep Amway products… I told my friend to get a bottle for me…. As the Deo and its products are so good that they don’t sell it through retailers they sell it through personal distribution…. It uses the method what Mercedes used to use to make their Car very Niche and Very Rare…. I am still shocked with this product…  Personal experience…. Amway i am Your Way…..



  1. Zaira Lakhpatwala said,

    January 13, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Ever heard of direct marketing?

  2. hparmekar said,

    March 1, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    For Further Details to grow your own amway business mail me at

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