Paranormal Activity!!!

I saw this movie at my friends place i mean he called us once to watch a movie which made super buzz around the youngsters…. I think the movie was made for just some dollars and made a profit almost double or triple than that… I am talking about the Movie ‘Paranormal Activity’… Yes the movie is ok not that great but most crowd loved it horror so have to be seen in the night but we idiots saw it in the afternoon… So we did not like it much may be… Movie is slow but the scriptwriter has done well to build up the story slowly slowly…. I am sure some of you will get bored in the middle of the movie because of the slow speed… The best part for Indians is that after the whole of India practically saw the movie by downloading through torrents they are releasing the movie in India now… I saw the movie in November’09 the movie is released over here in Jan’10…. And the distributors of this movie still have a high hope from this movie which is amazing…. Well i would like to suggest to Paranormal Activity distributors in India is that “i think you guys are late in India where people actually saw the movie on their computer screens…. so stop wasting time,effort,etc.” Although the movie did great worldwide it is again i would like to say ‘Ok’ movie if u wish to go and spend 100INR on this movie minimum you can…. But aaarrrgggh forget it….


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