Places to visit in GOA!!!

Goa i know many of you might think of Goa as a place where you get Cheap Booze and trust me guys cheap means cheap no exaggeration in that…. But guys let me tell you of some awesome places to visit in Goa so that the next time you go you may atleast have some background work of places to visit in Goa… Here i am talking about the youth…..

1) Britto’s – Baga Beach

2) Zanzi Bar – Baga Beach

3) Curley’s – Anjuna Beach

4) Shiva Valley – Anjuna Beach

5) Flea Market – Anjuna Beach

6) Querim Beach

7) Butterfly and Honeymoon Beach – Palolem

8) Fort Aguada and Lighthouse – Calanguate

9) Mapusa Market on Friday

10) Nine Bar – Anjuna Beach

These are some of the awesome places you can go to Goa… And yes i forgot also the Wine Stores of Goa. After all that’s the best and the first place to visit in Goa.


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