Education to give or to Mint

Me and my friend went to a professor just to clear our doubts about stuff I mean also we had some work about out own which was outside his subject… I have seen many teachers in my life who say that come to me if amy doubts but when you try to ask them question outside their subject they fail to answer you or they mislead the question’s answer…. For tutions if you go and ask any teacher who is the best person to teach they will always say come to me I will teach your kid and will also give him extra marks, attendence…. I myself have been in such situations but after all this I feel een after doing so much I couldn’t gain education…. Teachers are the one who are minting money by making students find an easier way out…. You find very rare teachers who will actually guide you and make you learn what is right and will guide you step by step…. One of them whom I found in my college is Mr Hemant Kombrabail a superb guy a superb professional and a superb teacher…. I myself have solid respect for you sir… This guy is one of a kind and trust me I have never ever seen a professor like Mr Hemant Kombrabail it is because of him that we know brand building and direct marketing… I have still not thrown his brand building notes and I am going to refer his notes because I know I would be able to learn and educate people rather than minting education…. Also Ms Yamini Mathur from Sydnem College,Pune these are what I call teachers…. I can go on the whole point is this to all the teachers concentrate more on educating students and making them learn and not concentrating on minting money and spoiling the child’s career…..



  1. Haresh Pania said,

    June 4, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    Hey i am one of the ex-student of yamini ma’am from Mumbai. If you have her contact number plz 4wd it to me i will be very grateful to you guys. Thanks

  2. muzna said,

    December 8, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    hey i have been a student of both the teachers mentioned here. must say, both of them are gem of teachers.i mean their style of teaching is totally different from others. i especially like Hemant sir.. he was soooo helpful in brand building and direct marketing. his notes though long 😛 were awesome. excellent examples he gives.. ode to such teachers !

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