Paki’s its IPL not PPL

This is what was the answer to all the Pakistani players yesterday at the Auction of IPL ( Indian Premiere League)…. Players like Shahid Afridi and other well known Pakistani players were not been auctioned at the IPL Auction Ceremony…. The main reason was the security of all IPL Franchisee…. Which is a fact because these Paki’s come along terror in this country…… Obviously the IPL franchisee will look after their and their team’s security before signing any new player…… And you can’t blame the Franchisee for this it is Pakistan environment and attitude towards India and their extra curricular activities like 26/11 through which they have to pay…. The Government of India says that they are not responsible for any of the above happening and also they have not influenced…… But i want to tell the goverment that i think people of  India have stopped all ‘Aman Ki Asha’ and all and now they have realized what language to speak…. Which is again Valid….. I think the government of  India should now understand this language and should take strong action against ‘KASAB’….. Goverment please see what places like UAE do to people who Rape, Steal, etc etc what Kasab has done to us is much much much bigger than all this….. See what kind of punishment they give and see what you OFFER……


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