Just Biryani

We had gone to just biryani the other day with my friend as his birthday was there and so we insisted in giving him a treat like all friends do… So we went to andheri west near mega mall…. And hunting for some nice restaurant to fill our stomach… We were damn hungry and we saw this sign board outside one hotel named ‘Just Biryani’…. We were all non veg so we said letz try this new place as none of us entered Just Biryani before. We sat ordered Hyderabadi Dum Biryani and Lucknowi Biryani and my mouth is still watering when I am typing all this those biryani was just awesome biryani I have ever had. Superb biryani good ambience and nice service. Combination off all this was just superb my friends birthday went superb because we ate some nice food. We were so full after that that we walked from Mega Mall to Infiniti Mall which is like 2000m I guess approximately. So guys if next time want to eat nice biryani go to just biryani and try the food over there you will love it. Also even if the name is Just Biryani there are only 9 dishes of non veg(5) and veg(4) combine biryani rest all you get north Indian food… So I found that wierd…


1 Comment

  1. Aniket Saraf said,

    February 23, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    you have induced me to have some NOW!!!!

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