Rahul Gandhi a VIP or a Very Important Politician!!!

Yes this is the question what arises in my mind when i saw today’s security of Mr. Rahul Gandhi near vile parle mithibai college. He was coming to adress the youth of mumbai. But because of him coming to Bhaidas many of the other youth of mumbai the college students of mithibai and other college in the same vicinity faced problem of not only allowing them to the college canteen but also curbing the liberty to stand in front of their own college. Yes we know that you are a VIP but i wanted to know what exactly are you a VIP or a Very Important Politician. If you would have been a VIP the security what was setup for you was justified but if you are a very important politician why so much security. Because of your rally or whatever you call it there were traffic jams people were actually not allowed to go out of their colleges to their home and what not. Sir i don’t know whose money was spent in all this but if our money which is spent in this security for you then i am ashamed that we are just wasting our money paying taxes.

On top of that Mr Rahul Gandhi entered the train and went to Ghatkopar from Parle station sir do you know how much did the daily travelers must have suffered just because of your security. Tracvelling in one compartment of the train also makes a much bigger difference to a normal mumbaikar. Sir, you want to show someone about your strength and all is good but next time please without troubling other people.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi you must be a great person an idol for the youth of India but what the security for you and the problems faced by the daily on goers was it making any sense?….


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