Mumbai is No More Mayanagri!!!

Yes mumbai the capital of maharashtra is now no more mayanagri according to me. It has to be renamed of reframed as BHAINAGRI. Yes i am talking about the political parties who are doing this bhai giri in mumbai thinking that this capital is their father’s property and no body can comment or even do anything which they feel is right. Suddenly i feel that we have come back to the period of the british ruled india. Where we have to do according to what they say?, what they think?, what they do? and what they preach?.

What’s the point of electing our leaders if they cannot lead us and more than that PROTECT US from violence from other political parties who do not have a majority. Why are we voting?. It’s better we use self defense as our Technic and also can build up on that?. I cannot watch a movie in theaters, i cannot celebrate valentine’s day,people cannot talk in Hindi and have to learn Marathi, so what can i or we do then are we your slave?, you are not our parents, and the most important part you don’t own us?.

I want to know just one question from the government are we safe in mumbai and can we practice the fundamental rights of the constitution YES or NO?


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