Coming Very Soon!!!

I just came across this site with something which will help the First Year the Second Year and the Third Year of all vocational courses. Yes, just was browsing through google page ranks. This site is not in the first few pages of google, but the features and the offerings of this website should state them in the first two page ranks of google. It intrested me atleast it spoke about diffrent notes, projects of colleges. Yes people can come here upload there notes or projects whatever they wish too by creating an account uploading your projects and notes appreciating them and who knows with the projects they upload and with the quality the projects have they can win as a prize internship with Media Agencies. Yes so upload either to share your knowledge with the world or to gain something out of the website.

The main motive of this website is that it wants to promote education to students who do not have the benefits of studying from a much reliable notes or to study quality notes to score well in exam. Yes there are some colleges who do not provide with notes or also good teachers to teach. Yes i am not joking. So a team of people have come together and have taken the initiative of doing something more for the educational system of mumbai, and who knows for the whole of India later. I am ready to support them i am ready to upload my notes of college and upload my projects so that it benefit others in everyway. I can atleast help someone this way rather than doing nothing. Well i think even you guys should do it just upload your notes and projects. It doesn’t take that much pain atleast to do something like that. The link to the site will be up as soon as they are ready. Educate one rather than Educate none.


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