B.C.C.I’s Steps to become R.C.C.I

Yes today’s topic of discussion for me is B.C.C.I (Board of Control for Cricket in India). My friend just told me about the yesterday’s cricket match between India and South Africa. He told me we won by 1 run which was a good thing. He told me but the best part of the entire match was the last ball where the shot was for 4 but The Master Blaster of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar dived and saved the ball from going for 4 and saved India from loosing. I being a great Tendulkar fan was excited as i couldn’t see the match yesterday due to my project preparation. I went home and i checked on my favourite channel that is You Tube to see if i could see the highlights of yesterday’s match. I logged on to You Tube from my account but what i saw was this message – This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Board of Control for Cricket in India.

After reading this message and seeing that all videos had the same error the Indian Cricket Videos that is the recent videos i was like what claim are they actually putting of copyright. I mean You Tube also serves as an entertainment channel more most of the population of India if they miss yesterday’s match so that means they have to open the newspaper see the T.V. guide check for the local listings and then watch Tendulkar’s dive accordingly. BCCI being one of the richest club in the world is i think looking for more money from the channels which serve the major chunk of population with entertainment. I mean come on how much more money do you want Mr. Shashank Manohar what is this claim that you are talking about is it just that you want to change the name of B.C.C.I to R.C.C.I in progress of becoming( Richest Club of Cricket in Universe) or is it something else?

If you want to see the proof Click on This Link Below :-



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