Trip to Jaipur

Yes just came back from Jaipur the pink city of India. Well what to tell about Jaipur. The city is very hot in the afternoon so if you want to visit Jaipur please do not even step out of your place in the afternoon because its very very very hot. But what i like about Jaipur is the thing that the structure as in the building structure is painted in Pink or of the shades of Pink. I haven’t seen any city in my entire life which looks so beautiful in the evening i am talking after 6 in the eve. The city looks just so majestic, I mean i can’t even express the beauty in words. You have to go there and experience yourself. Well if you want me to tell you about the places to visit Jaipur they are – Jantar Mantar, Birla Temple, Amber Fort, Bapu Bazar. I am not going to tell you what they are but can tell you one thing is that if you go here you have seen the best areas of Jaipur and trust me they are the best. The whole city has something or the other of Shevai Maan Singh, I hope i am right about the name. The whole city is has something or the other named after this name the hospitals, the¬†museum, the stadium. The whole city has immense history. So all the foreigners will be quite excited to go Jaipur. Thank god i went to jaipur and i could see one of the most beautiful city in India currently.


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