What are we exactly SAVING!!!

Recent campaigns of Save water and Save tigers, Save trees is very much applicable and a superb initiative taken by all the various corporate houses. But what irks me is if these guys are taking an initiative be it business minded or whatever we as a responsible citizen of nature not even city, country i am talking about nature cannot take an initiative. Let me explain you, i went to the temple today i saw huge chunk of crowd with 1litre of milk in their hand each and dozens of food. And you know for what to offer ‘the almighty’. Obviously they have their reason’s but what my point is if you are putting so much of milk on statues and then draining it to the waste. I mean it’s simple why can’ you just put half a glass of milk if you have promised something to God that is. Why are you wasting so much of milk. There are many people who are dying of starvation. I know for the fact that at least God does not want people to die of starvation. Forget that talking about the fruits and sweets, etc good that you are offering to God all this but to be practical is God really eating those fruits is he really peeling off the banana and eating the answer is ‘NO’ then why do you guys get the fruits in the temple and just keep it near God’s feet let it rotten and then the temple administration throws it in the garbage. Is there no shortage of Food in this country? Are people not Hungry? Are people not dying of hunger? Are people not getting their daily nutrition for their survival? I am sure God doesn’t want this too. Also this and the whole Government campaign of Save Water are they taking it seriously.  In temples there are taps from which people fill in glasses, ‘LOTTA’ is what we call it in India i mean 1 of these Lotta is approximately more than half a glass but imagine if around 100 people visit a temple everyday how many water is wasted in a day. This water is been offered to God by just spilling the water on God’s statue’s and again the water goes in the drain. What is it? Are we not aware that there is shortage of water in Mumbai i am not talking about India. Places in Mumbai still face shortage of water. India i don’t want to think about it because there are solid serious problems there.

Come on guys open your eyes at least now. I am not saying offering to God is bad or do not offer. If you have promised something please fulfill it but instead of promising 1litre of milk you can promise 1 glass of milk or half a glass of milk, instead of putting the whole ‘lotta’ of water you can offer small glass of water around 200ml. Instead of offering fruits and sweets and etc you can just keep in front of God for 2mins or so and then again take back and give it to the beggars or your family members etc. Is Saving Money only everything in life? Just think about it and ask this question to yourself What are we exactly Saving?

Note :- This incident i am talking about a temple near my area, imagine if you take whole of Mumbai and India how much of it is wasted!!!


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