Made in India

I was just seeing the beautiful captain’s arm bands, the shorts, jerseys of various sport. I usually have a habit of looking where the commodity is made from, because the prices of these brands are huge. But the best part comes not all these commodity are not made from China ad not Indonesia or Pakistan these commodity are made in India, could you believe it i mean the commodity which is made in India for like 200 or something and these commodities are sold to Indian only for like 1000 I.N.R or something. I mean we make the commodities for various brands and then we only have to pay higher price for these commodities. It’s like using our cotton, thread, and various other raw materials and charging us extra. What i mean is simple open a shop or something where we can buy these commodities as in whatever is made in India at a slightly higher price than the price what we get in a proper outlet or a retail shop. I am not saying do not make any profit or anything, without profit business is nothing but at least don’t keep your prices of such commodities so high that we end up saving nothing.


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