IPL Total Indian Madness

Well we all by now know that IPL is the new greatest Indian Madness. The best part is we all know about the madness what happens on T.V. Sachin hitting six, Gilchrist hitting six, Bowlers taking 4 wickets in a row, It’s totally crazy on T.V. But the fun part is when you actually go on the stadium and watch the entire match with the crowd going crazy. Yes that’s what i did for a match against Deccan Chargers and Mumbai Indians in D.Y Patil stadium in Nerul. I was working as a volunteer at the stadium but as a volunteer i did not have much work so what i did was i watched the whole match with the crowd jumping, singing, dancing, roaring,fighting …well in small words actually going crazy behind this beautiful game called cricket. I was at the back seat and it was absolute fun. I mean i cannot describe words to actually describe the feeling and the intensity i should say. For that i request all of my friends to actually go and see the match in the stadium and feel cricket not just see it. On T.V. trust me guys the fun and excitement is nothing, nothing compared to the stadium madness, and all thanks to IPL that it got madness in us(Indians). I am proud to say that IPL is the new Total Indian Madness.


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