Twitter the new Micro Blogging

Hello guys you must be wondering where had I been disappeared. Well to tell you the truth I was on the net for almost 18 hours a day from 16th April. But I am not writing much here because I have chosen the smarter and the shorter way to write my thoughts on a micro blogging site called I write almost everyday over here, But that is because I don’t have new topics to write on currently. Hey wait that doesn’t mean you stop Reading my blog I will continue writing till I have my iPhone. Just kidding I will write till the end of my life don’t know if heaven provides with 2mbps internet speed. But but but if you guys want to know in an out of what’s happening inside my mind you can follow me on Twitter. My Twitter account name is @hparmekar. Just type himanshu Parmekar on Twitter you will find me. Sorry for making you see the same crap from past one month I hope twitter will entertain you.

P.S. – Number of Celebs and V.I.P’s are on Twitter don’t forget to add them.


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