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Hello people! just was excited to tell you something which might just help you tap your potential of doing something what you always wanted to do, or let’s just say it might just influence you to start something creative. I am talking about an Ad Agency which needs a group of young, fresh and energetic minds for it to come together. Wait a minute, being young doesn’t mean inexperience. They are a set of professionals, a confluence of creativity, along with zeal to make a mark in the industry. This ad agency’s sole purpose was to deliver a platform for new talent, to prove that even without being a big fish in the market you can grab good work and display unparallel creativity. Well, now about the founder of this advertising agency, Soham Chatterjee. Soham has specialised in advertising and has pursued Bachelor’s of Mass Media from S.V.K.M prestigious management institution, Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management. Undoubtedly creative in his field and having a background of creative arts and media, he has worked with a plethora of upmarket brands. Starting his career, from a young age, assisting his mother for her creative commitments, along with dubbing for various Hollywood flicks and sitcoms, along with a penchant for film making, he first joined Situations Advertising as a junior copywriter, wherein he facilitated his journey and making various creative ventures possible with companies like, as a creative associate, then as a senior writer at Cognitio Communications, where he visualized and strategized ad campaigns just to gain expertise, at GCSPL, as a writer and strategist, along with freelancing for certain big names in the advertising market to add to the list. The Agency will deal in 360 degree advertising modules, ranging from ATL, BTL, Corporate Identity and even web at a later stage. I asked Soham what is it that influences you to make an Ad Agency all by yourself he says that “My vision to create this ad agency is to give a platform to young talent who somewhere doesn’t get an opportunity to work at mainstream advertising and lack the proper support to learn creative as well as strategic aesthetics of media”. Well what I perceived is that, this agency, when set up will do more than others in order to touch the zenith. To support him, he has an entire team of advertising professionals, who are his great friends as well to make this journey a pleasant and ofcourse a creative one. The Website is under construction. My great wishes are to this Ad Agency that it does well and helps to carve a niche for itself along with doing great work and setting up a platform for fresh talent.


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