Blogging is Blogging.

Well recently i was off this wordpress site of mine for a little while, totally fascinated with the new micro – blogging site named Was updating on twitter daily until recently i found out that twitter gives you the authority to write your mind for just 146 characters and wordpress gives you the authority to write errrr….i can’t even count or imagine. Well people say that celebs and other sports stars are on twitter and you also come to know what’s happening in and out in their personal life and professional life, but hey guys are you making an account because you are into blogging or just because celebs and sport stars are in twitter. Well i think i can answer this question i think around 85% people must be switching to twitter from facebook because their favorite sports stars or celebs are there. Well to tell you frankly it did hit me to be in touch with my favorite sports star and celebrity but the purpose for me joining twitter changed which i din’t like and which was not my motive.  So i am coming back to my own self now that is i am going to start writing over here on my personal page and my personal website you can say that is Enough of that micro blogging site, i am going to start writing over here again share pictures if i can and will keep you posted on what’s going around me and in my life. Thank you all and a very big sorry was off this completely but i assure you from now on i won’t. Thank you Guys.


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