What food are you eating?

I know many of you might be a food lover just like i am and besides being a food lover many of you eat outside and love outside food, be it the delicious chicken biryani or butter chicken or any of the delicious vegetarian meals. Well we all love that don’t we? Well here comes the point that i wanted to share this small story a hard hitting reality with you all. My office colleague used to work in well known pizza joint, yesterday during lunch break we sat together for lunch and were just discussing the various food menu’s we all like and suddenly this colleague of mine said that whenever they used to make pizza’s the toppings especially they used to taste it first and then keep on the pizza for the customer’s to eat. That is the toppings first used to go in their mouth and from their used to be decorated on the pizza afterwards. Yuck!!! and this is not the only thing he shared with me there is more, you guys think you eat veg by not touching non veg or literally not eating non veg well that is all false he told me that even the vegetables etc for the pizza’s were kept with the chicken which was almost 5-6 days old. I can’t even name this as stale food. Calling it a stale food is an understatement. Yuck!!! once again. Now tell me after reading to all this will you stop eating outside food? Difficult question to answer isn’t it? For a matter of fact even i won’t be able to resist eating outside food for long. But i am in a fix after this hard hitting story. Home Food or Outside Food? I have no answer for this as of now. But the voice of my grandmother echoes inside my mind after this story that voice is ‘stop eating outside food’.



  1. deven arora said,

    June 15, 2010 at 6:53 am

    well….obviously da best is ghar ka khaana….as ppl term it….but yes people eat outside food either dey r too busy or like its a trend nowadays……so dere have been such cases regarding food being prepared in unhealthy or unfriendly environment….but nobody will stop eating outside…..its true…
    so only thing we can just HOPE…is outside food being prepared in healthy environment……lets see what happens..

    by da way nice blog

  2. Himanshu said,

    June 15, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    Thanks Deven for reading my blog and also being a constant visitor of my blog.

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