Politeness is the Virtue.

As you all know what marketing is in this Business World. And as a fresher i hope most of you know what exactly it is yes yes i know sitting at one place and making calls in order to pitch new clients. Yes i know sounds fun but a twist comes when you try to call ad agencies of mumbai just try and talking to their much irritated operators and much much irritated Advertising Professionals. Try to get some information about them and see how they respond. We strive for bringing humanity in this world well all these ad agencies are just the opposite of what i call ‘Inhuman Hub’. Yes the reason why i call them Inhuman is first they do not know how to talk to people because of their unnecessary stress. They think they are the world leaders or can say the CEO of the particular brand they are handling. What i ask for is their email id’s and they reply harshly. Well let me tell you you idiots from all those big Ad agencies like Ogilvy, you have been paid to handle the brand not to own it. Marketing Professionals who like me sometimes make calls and face this kind of situation, i am not saying all ad agencies are like that but yes most of them. My sir tells me it happens you can’t be polite when you work for 20 – 20 hours a day on one account, well obviously i can’t argue with my sir but yes i can tell him Sir i truly understand but Humanity and Work never blends and should always be parallel to each other so that a Human can be a better person and can go ahead in his/her carrier too. Well me being a Advertising graduate never thought that these ‘IDIOTS’ in advertising world would be so Inhuman. But yes it may be because i am not a part of them but mostly i think it depends on person to person. I am sure if i be a Ad Professional would never work with unkindness as its not in my nature and For all those advertising professional out there try to be little polite to others it might help you in future. Politeness won’t take out 100rs from your pocket, it just takes a few minutes to be polite to people. I want and hope that all these big big ad professionals read this and understand that they are not the kings of the world. Marketing is fun till the time these people don’t **** your moods. Remember this the person who is talking to you politely is doing it for a purpose and for a reason just like you. Even he is answerable to someone, I am talking about the Marketing part.

Guys i request all of you to be polite to whoever calls you be it wrong number, mobile service provider calls, or any company calls. Just be polite it won’t take much to be polite. Even they are calling you for a reason. Please remember. Talking through my own personal experience, as even i used to cut the phone down whenever i used to get a call from Vodafone or any other Contest or anything. You **** his/her mood then he/her gets all the negative vibes and then in turn he might be angry on someone else and so on and so forth. Try to break this chain.


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