Work Environment or Money? Biggest Question

I asked my Branch Head today. Sir as you know i have been working here from past one month.. . You keep yourself in place of mine and think But what if you get a offer from a big company ready to hire you, telling you that you quit your current company and be ready to join us, giving you decent incentives BUT at the same point you know that the work environment currently where you are working is just superb with superb people around and your age is just 22 how will you make a decision? He said its easy himanshu if you are getting good paid over there and it’s a huge company i will quit the current job and be ready to shift as i want to experience more challenge and want to grow. I said ok sir but what if the current company is close to your heart what if the people around them are really sweet and close to your heart… how will it affect your decision then…. He said Himanshu first of all big company means big challenge means huge experience obviously the present company where we are working currently will always be close to my heart but you have to think about the future too… Will i be able to cope up? Will i be able to work? Do i have a chance in future? These questions need to be answered first and then the decision will take place automatically. I said sir you have still not understood and answered my question? My question was simple Will you choose Money or Work Environment  at a young age. Well i am confused to the core? I have still 11 months to go but what after that or even if i don’t have 11 months and if i get an offer from a big company what do i do? What is the main criteria? All this questions are just spinning around in my mind. The difficult task is to answer all these questions Logically.  Well i have left in on God he will do the best.


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  1. shahujvaln said,

    August 5, 2010 at 6:47 am

    Hey Himanshu,

    I don’t what’s your priority, Money or Quality Work… There are lots of company offering good package to fresher people but people accept it but according to me, people have to work in small company at least for 1-2 years.

    Because you never get 2 things together – Money and Work Satisfaction.

    In Big companies, People (in early stage) don’t have their choice about technical decisions because everything is decided by seniors and work is also divided among team but in small company, you always be core member because you are tester, designer, developer, Database designer and therefore Technical knowledge improve.

    Yah work culture always very good in company. You have to work for 8 hours, onsite opportunities but learning curve is not that much sharp.

    God is not decide what we have to do. It’s upon us to decide Money and Work Satisfaction.

    It’s just my view.. I don’t know your situation and thoughts.


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