I have always seen corporates running here and there boarding the local train on time… Reaching office on time… Catching the same bus on time…. And usually complaining if any of these things gets delayed or if they are an hour or to say minutes late saying “Arey bhai jaldi karo bahut kaam hain…. Arey bhai mereko office jaldi jaana hain bahut kaam hain”. Well we all know in Mumbai almost crores of rupees can be earned in a minute and lakhs of rupees can be deducted from the bank account… But what i do not understand is this even if one minute they are late they start cribbing about getting late and going into loss because of that delay of a minute… I being working in a media house personally don’t feel that if you waste or come late by a minute you it’s a big deal…. I mean in my office building the electricity had gone off for more than 12 hours because the generator had some problem but trust me we did not loose on anything and the work which we were suppose to do that day got postponed to other day… And nor did we loose anything… But in that span of time when electricity had gone in our building, i saw man corporates running here and there just like rats do and shouting at the watchman saying just the same thing ” Mera Dhanda bet jayega”… I have seen office going people log on to FB and doing all the possible time pass they could have ever imagined… So corporates what is it that you guys crib for? Your T.P. or serious work? I seriously sometimes fail to understand these Rats…



  1. deven arora said,

    July 21, 2010 at 7:32 am

    i certainly wish to contradict you here friend…

    there are some depts of business where there is urgency required or immediate action needs to be taken and corporates cannot afford to loose due anything.
    they may have some business with clients and keeping the clients waiting is dangerous to the corporates and their image….they need to report urgently…

    so maybe for them time is indeed money and its precious….for them…

  2. hparmekar said,

    September 10, 2010 at 8:58 am

    I do accept whatever you are saying Deven but the madness in them is what amaze me?

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