Action Replay Y-Not?

So here we are now. The New Bollywood Movie Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai Starrer “Action Replay’y'” is releasing. But have you noticed the funny part over here. I am sure it’s visible to everyone and yes i am talking about the title of the movie Action Replayy with the two Y’s in Replayy. According to Director Vipul Shah he has purposely added the other ‘Y’ to the title and the reason behind it his logic of Numerology. Can you believe it? Numerology. I know we are all familiar with such words in the past for Bollywood titles and for a matter of fact the television serials too but do they not get it a story is what matters for the audience and not the adding of letters here and there on their film titles. Also sometimes the releasing dates of the movie is changed due to Numerical reasons but does it help? This kind of answers i cannot get into, numerology may help or may not but according to me what matters is ‘Story’,’Screenplay’,’Music’ and sometimes the ‘Artiste’ and various other reasons added. Don’t know about you guys?

Note: I have nothing against Numerology but i do not believe it. Just my personal Opinion.


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