B.C.C.I’s Steps to become R.C.C.I

Yes today’s topic of discussion for me is B.C.C.I (Board of Control for Cricket in India). My friend just told me about the yesterday’s cricket match between India and South Africa. He told me we won by 1 run which was a good thing. He told me but the best part of the entire match was the last ball where the shot was for 4 but The Master Blaster of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar dived and saved the ball from going for 4 and saved India from loosing. I being a great Tendulkar fan was excited as i couldn’t see the match yesterday due to my project preparation. I went home and i checked on my favourite channel that is You Tube to see if i could see the highlights of yesterday’s match. I logged on to You Tube from my account but what i saw was this message – This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Board of Control for Cricket in India.

After reading this message and seeing that all videos had the same error the Indian Cricket Videos that is the recent videos i was like what claim are they actually putting of copyright. I mean You Tube also serves as an entertainment channel more most of the population of India if they miss yesterday’s match so that means they have to open the newspaper see the T.V. guide check for the local listings and then watch Tendulkar’s dive accordingly. BCCI being one of the richest club in the world is i think looking for more money from the channels which serve the major chunk of population with entertainment. I mean come on how much more money do you want Mr. Shashank Manohar what is this claim that you are talking about is it just that you want to change the name of B.C.C.I to R.C.C.I in progress of becoming( Richest Club of Cricket in Universe) or is it something else?

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Coming Very Soon!!!

I just came across this site with something which will help the First Year the Second Year and the Third Year of all vocational courses. Yes, just was browsing through google page ranks. This site is not in the first few pages of google, but the features and the offerings of this website should state them in the first two page ranks of google. It intrested me atleast it spoke about diffrent notes, projects of colleges. Yes people can come here upload there notes or projects whatever they wish too by creating an account uploading your projects and notes appreciating them and who knows with the projects they upload and with the quality the projects have they can win as a prize internship with Media Agencies. Yes so upload either to share your knowledge with the world or to gain something out of the website.

The main motive of this website is that it wants to promote education to students who do not have the benefits of studying from a much reliable notes or to study quality notes to score well in exam. Yes there are some colleges who do not provide with notes or also good teachers to teach. Yes i am not joking. So a team of people have come together and have taken the initiative of doing something more for the educational system of mumbai, and who knows for the whole of India later. I am ready to support them i am ready to upload my notes of college and upload my projects so that it benefit others in everyway. I can atleast help someone this way rather than doing nothing. Well i think even you guys should do it just upload your notes and projects. It doesn’t take that much pain atleast to do something like that. The link to the site will be up as soon as they are ready. Educate one rather than Educate none.

Mumbai is No More Mayanagri!!!

Yes mumbai the capital of maharashtra is now no more mayanagri according to me. It has to be renamed of reframed as BHAINAGRI. Yes i am talking about the political parties who are doing this bhai giri in mumbai thinking that this capital is their father’s property and no body can comment or even do anything which they feel is right. Suddenly i feel that we have come back to the period of the british ruled india. Where we have to do according to what they say?, what they think?, what they do? and what they preach?.

What’s the point of electing our leaders if they cannot lead us and more than that PROTECT US from violence from other political parties who do not have a majority. Why are we voting?. It’s better we use self defense as our Technic and also can build up on that?. I cannot watch a movie in theaters, i cannot celebrate valentine’s day,people cannot talk in Hindi and have to learn Marathi, so what can i or we do then are we your slave?, you are not our parents, and the most important part you don’t own us?.

I want to know just one question from the government are we safe in mumbai and can we practice the fundamental rights of the constitution YES or NO?

Save our National animal

Isn’t it a very disturbing picture. Yes the reason why i have put this picture is so that you guys take this thing seriously. Yes i am talking about saving tigers. Yes I am talking about our National Animal. The count now says that there are approx 1411 Tigers left in the country don’t you think its very less. I mean come on guys be practical. In whole of India only 1411 Tigers left. Is this some kind of joke? I mean by the time i have children and all i think the only place i have to take the children to show what a tiger or our national animal looks like  is to take them to the museum and show them a statue of a tiger. Come on guys no one is telling you to go to the jungles litreally and hunt for hunters who are killing these poor tigers. Just spread awareness and stop buying clothes or any other consumer goods made of this animal. Just Create awareness amongst people and if you are visiting any of your native places and all. I know no one is paying you why the hell will you do something like that? But no one is paying me either but still i am spreading awareness not because i am an N.G.O. or something but for the simple reason that spreading awareness about such thing doesn’t cost me anything and i know i can offer some help to the environment without doing much. I am not a doing anything great i am just spreading awareness and i hope so can you.

Rahul Gandhi a VIP or a Very Important Politician!!!

Yes this is the question what arises in my mind when i saw today’s security of Mr. Rahul Gandhi near vile parle mithibai college. He was coming to adress the youth of mumbai. But because of him coming to Bhaidas many of the other youth of mumbai the college students of mithibai and other college in the same vicinity faced problem of not only allowing them to the college canteen but also curbing the liberty to stand in front of their own college. Yes we know that you are a VIP but i wanted to know what exactly are you a VIP or a Very Important Politician. If you would have been a VIP the security what was setup for you was justified but if you are a very important politician why so much security. Because of your rally or whatever you call it there were traffic jams people were actually not allowed to go out of their colleges to their home and what not. Sir i don’t know whose money was spent in all this but if our money which is spent in this security for you then i am ashamed that we are just wasting our money paying taxes.

On top of that Mr Rahul Gandhi entered the train and went to Ghatkopar from Parle station sir do you know how much did the daily travelers must have suffered just because of your security. Tracvelling in one compartment of the train also makes a much bigger difference to a normal mumbaikar. Sir, you want to show someone about your strength and all is good but next time please without troubling other people.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi you must be a great person an idol for the youth of India but what the security for you and the problems faced by the daily on goers was it making any sense?….

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