Versova – Madh Island

Well I know i am blogging after a long time but i had to write, experienced something which i wanted to share. Well this is for all the people who travel from Versova to Madh Island if you want to reach Madh Island within to say 5 mins please take a ferry from Versova Village. It takes Rs 2 to reach Madh from Versova via ferry, yes i am not kidding. The above video is the evidence of this. I traveled from Madh to Versova and Versova to Madh Island in this ferry. Yes it’s a little conjusted when you reach and travel through Verova cillage, its a little bit lonely in the night as if you have landed in a no man’s land in Mumbai but it’s worth it. I mean in a place like Mumbai where traffic is a major issue to reach a place in 2 minutes  is something to think of. I just took the above video because i couldn’t just resist, so took my iPhone and started recording. The Jetty stops outside the Bus Depot in Madh and the people are also helpful. So the Next time you want to reach Madh in 2 minutes try this.