FIFA Country Specific

Sorry, There was a huge time gap of me writing anything on My Blog, well it’s not because of me not getting any issue to write on it’s just because I was busy with the exams.

Well coming back to the issue. I am a huge soccer fan and love to play soccer almost whenever I get time. The other day I was playing soccer with my good friend who plays soccer at a national level in India. A superb player with stamina, skills, and everything what is needed in a good footballer. I know him personally and I know a little bit more about football so I can judge his capabilities. Played for prestigious clubs of India and also currently pursuing his football career in one of the most prestigious football coaching institutions in India. Well leaving everything apart this individual played in South Africa against some greatest clubs juniour squad. As I told you about his skill and everything one of the managers from this junior’s team came up to the guy and told him “son you are good in football keep it up”. And I am not talking about manager of anyother team but a manager of a well reputed team from europe. It is natural and is anyone’s dream to playfootballin Europe so he genrally asked the manager knowing his qualities that is there a chance for him to play in his team. The beat part comes now the answer was “We don’t take Asians”.

I mean after listening to this I was shocked there is still so much discrimination happening on the basis of caste, color, creed, and that too in a game like football. FIFA what is it that you want to prove are we Asians not good at our sport? I am sure FIFA must be knowing about something of this sort happening. That is why you don’t see any Indian not playing or getting selected in a European team to play any league. FIFA should not be world oriented and should be more country specific if this thing happens under the eye of a governing body like FIFA. What is it that FIFA or other instituions are trying to prove or potray is it that we Asians or Indians do not have the talent, skill. Why is FIFA called the federation of international football assosiciation? When it itself does not associate other countries?


Voice of an Indian in FIFA

India may not qualify for the FIFA World Cup since a long time but yes an Indian has qualified himself to sing for the Official FIFA World Cup anthem 2010. Any guesses no its not A.R. Rahman, its Kailash Kher who is going to sing along with Khaled (Didi)sensation the anthem of the coming Foorball World Cup. Isn’t it strange? Out of all the singers in India Kailash Kher was called. FIFA World Cup which starts from June to July will have the voice of Indian even if India cannot participate in the World Cup for various odd reasons. But yes as Indians we should be proud of ourselves and Kailash that atleast we have started building our name in the International Standards. Who says Indian music sucks? or Bollywood Music sucks. Go Kailash make our country proud.

Rank 1 or Rank None?

I was just browsing through various websites because basically I had nothing to do was jobless…. So I stopped at a website and that the name of the website was and there the world rankings was listed…. All the teams were listed according to their points which they earned playing & winning matches…. Brazil, Italy, France, etc etc…. All big teams…. But I was still not getting the team I was searching for I clicked on next page couldn’t find it clicked clicked I think on 50th page I could see the team listed and the team I was searching for was INDIA…. It is ranked 134th imagine…. They started the year with 144th rank and the end of the year they have achieved 134th rank….

Well i don’t blame the AIFF it is the infrastructure that is provided to them is very poor…. I mean with better facilities and infrastructure who knows we can produce some of the most finest footballers the world has ever seen…. They might get qualified for the world cup too….. I think we have the talent it’s just that we don’t know where and how to display it more effectively…. So Mr. Prime Minister or anyone who is incharge please do something for AIFF….. Otherwise we will always be on the 20th page of FIFA World Ranking……