Versova – Madh Island

Well I know i am blogging after a long time but i had to write, experienced something which i wanted to share. Well this is for all the people who travel from Versova to Madh Island if you want to reach Madh Island within to say 5 mins please take a ferry from Versova Village. It takes Rs 2 to reach Madh from Versova via ferry, yes i am not kidding. The above video is the evidence of this. I traveled from Madh to Versova and Versova to Madh Island in this ferry. Yes it’s a little conjusted when you reach and travel through Verova cillage, its a little bit lonely in the night as if you have landed in a no man’s land in Mumbai but it’s worth it. I mean in a place like Mumbai where traffic is a major issue to reach a place in 2 minutes  is something to think of. I just took the above video because i couldn’t just resist, so took my iPhone and started recording. The Jetty stops outside the Bus Depot in Madh and the people are also helpful. So the Next time you want to reach Madh in 2 minutes try this.


Education Limited to Books

Was travelling towards Andheri Station from my place in a bus. Was waiting in the bus for the bus to start don’t know why but my mood was off. Was talking on my iPhone and side by side tweeting too, was sitting in the second last seat of the BEST bus, suddenly boys of age 10-12 entered the bus all Muslim guys i came to know that while they were referring to each other by common Muslim names. Well i got a call was obviously important one of the kid starting yelling his friends giving Abuses which i might have not even heard when i started abusing, but they were using such abuses wearing a St.Joseph school uniform. I turned behind looked behind and told him to talk softly. He kept quiet but that wasn’t the end when his classmates were standing out of the bus waiting for another bus one of the other Kid started abusing the group of girls and which was taken as a source of entertainment by him and his co-mates. It irked me very much felt like punching the kid on his face but i cannot because he is a kid and i am an adult.  They were travelling in the bus for more than 15-20 minutes and not even one sentence did they not frame the sentence properly, because all the sentences were filled with abuses. There were less words and more abuses.

I mean kids in 8th Standard abusing like adults and also abusing girls at this age what will they do when they grow up Rape Girls. What kind of literacy is this no Moral ethics. If it would have been my kid i would have beaten him that much that the next time he sees a girl he would give double the respect. Even we do abuse come on you can’t control abusing but at this tender age and abusing like adults. What is it proving or displaying? Schools should understand that Book knowledge is not everything come on teach them ethics and other of those sorts. Parents also are to be held responsible, you live in a different environment fine but atleast take the effort of what your kid is framing in his mind. Adults abuse because  we tend to loose our temper but kids no way. I am sorry to say this but i am ashamed on St. Joseph, Juhu do something about literacy in in the ethical world.

Note : Religion name is just taken to show disgrace towards minority this goes for all the kids around the world and to each and every single parent. Learn and Teach some ETHICS.

Thinking BIG!!!

Hello people i am sorry was away for a few days, was caught up with important work as i have started working. Actually besides working i am also working on creating a new idea for a digital market. Yes I am trying to work on a website which is unique and which will serve the people and also sell like hot cakes. Well obviously i have to look after both my pockets and your service, i think that’s should be the motto of every businessmen in this world. But keeping that aside. I am working really hard towards it, i need to strategies and prioritize and research alot. I don’t know how much it’s going to take but i know for the fact that i want to and i have to do it. So just wrote this blog to inform you people why i was not writing for so long? I am really sorry? Will come up with more matter and subject from next time?

Note – I am taking my blog to a next level now i am going to click pictures and attach them with every blog i write. I might click random pictures of everything that’s happening around mumbai and going to write about it. I just hope that i am successful and i do not land up in Jail for Clicking Random Pictures.

Sorry Once again.


I have always seen corporates running here and there boarding the local train on time… Reaching office on time… Catching the same bus on time…. And usually complaining if any of these things gets delayed or if they are an hour or to say minutes late saying “Arey bhai jaldi karo bahut kaam hain…. Arey bhai mereko office jaldi jaana hain bahut kaam hain”. Well we all know in Mumbai almost crores of rupees can be earned in a minute and lakhs of rupees can be deducted from the bank account… But what i do not understand is this even if one minute they are late they start cribbing about getting late and going into loss because of that delay of a minute… I being working in a media house personally don’t feel that if you waste or come late by a minute you it’s a big deal…. I mean in my office building the electricity had gone off for more than 12 hours because the generator had some problem but trust me we did not loose on anything and the work which we were suppose to do that day got postponed to other day… And nor did we loose anything… But in that span of time when electricity had gone in our building, i saw man corporates running here and there just like rats do and shouting at the watchman saying just the same thing ” Mera Dhanda bet jayega”… I have seen office going people log on to FB and doing all the possible time pass they could have ever imagined… So corporates what is it that you guys crib for? Your T.P. or serious work? I seriously sometimes fail to understand these Rats…

Rickshaw Fare not Fair

Well yes we all know how is it when there are no rickshaw’s on the roads of mumbai on a weekday where everyone is rushing for work. Yesterday 22/06/2010 there was a rickshaw strike demanding increase in their meter which they achieved in doing so successfully. Yes the minimum reading in the meter which was 1.00 was costing us Rs.9 and from 22/06/2010 it is going to cost us Rs.11. I mean an increase by Rs 2. Well we can’t blame them everything has increased be it our Vegetables in the market from the Milk we drink. Well i am telling you my personal experience i took an rickshaw from Mithibai College in Vile Parle to Oshiwara in Andheri(W) these places are situated in the suburban part of mumbai. The actual reading which came on the meter was 39 i.e. Rs.38 according to the previous reading but today with change in price he took Rs 49 instead i.e. nearly 50 bucks. I couldn’t help it i had to pay him that much as he din’t have the new tariff rate card and demanded that much. I din’t know that the price change has been applied from yesterday itself. He just demanded Rs 49 and i had to give him. It seems that the rate card will be issued in next 2 days as what the rickshaw driver said. But just so that you guys do not get a situation like me so please pay the rickshaw driver Rs 2 or max to max Rs 3 extra than the normal fare. If they ask more ask for the Fare Card. Rs 2 or Rs 3 won’t make a difference but these days rickshaw drivers have become too smart and have become a superb con man. Remember ask for the Tariff or Fare Card and then pay. It’s someone’s hard own money.

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