Being Indian.

Well we talk alot on T.V. on Radio other possible Communications where we can reach the masses that we should be proud to be an Indian, we Indians rock so on and so forth. But i want to relate this to our system now. Talking everyone does, executing is the real challenge. I am talking about Indian Passport System. I wanted to issue a new passport and so my friend told me to go on the Indian Passport Website and check for the details there. I did that, its’s just simple to fill in details in the form, that’s not the issue. The issue is, in the form there is a question ” Are you Indian by Birth/Citizenship”, i filled in i am an Indian by birth as i was born in India and also my birth certificate has registered me in India only so it is obvious for me to fill the option by birth in the form. But this is applicable only on the form just to increase the question and not knowing the worth of the question. I had my Birth Certificate, P.A.N Card, Driving License, School Leaving Certificate,  My university certificate and all possible details which proves that i am a Citizen of Indian, I am Himanshu Parmekar, I stay at my given adress which is permenant and mind you all the above document which i mentioned is issued to me by Government. But but but my friends hold on inspite of me showing them these documents they still ask me for my Ration Card which i have but its of the older address. I mean i have showed you all my legal Government Documents and still you ask me if for my Ration Card. I mean even in Ration Card what they want is my name on the Ration Card and the address proof but dude that is already there on my driving license which is issued by the Government. But yet they cry crib for the Ration Card so i asked them for another alternative they said get the electricity bill and telephone bill of April 2009 and 2010. I mean April 2010 is fine but April 2009 who is going to keep such an old bill. But still they insist me on doing so otherwise they won’t issue me the Passport.

Frustration is what is in my mind now but i cannot help it, because it’s the Indian system after all and nothing can be done about it. I may have to issue a new Ration Card which is of no use in today’s Mumbai or i have to open my closet scatter all the files as if it is some Chartered Accountant’s office and search for the Telephone and Electricity Bills of 2009.

So the moral of the story is you can never be an Indian by birth (which is mentioned on your Birth Certificate), You have to be an Indian by Registered Books. So why are we calling us “Born Indian”